Dangerous Magic: Escape to a Regency Magical World

A sparkling tale of Jane Austen’s England, a forced marriage, and two mages who must work together to save the Kingdom.

Dangerous Magic is a fantasy Jane Austen retellingA sparkling tale of Jane Austen’s England, a forced marriage, and two mages who must work together to save the Kingdom.

Elizabeth Bennet is stunned when the Royal Mages come to her peaceful country home of Longbourn to take her away. She is even more bewildered when she is commanded to marry a powerful mage by the name of Fitzwilliam Darcy. She has always dreamed of marrying for love, and an arranged marriage with an arrogant stranger was never part of her plans.

But Darcy and Elizabeth have no choice in the matter. Uniting their two forms of magic is essential if the Kingdom is to defeat Napoleon’s mages. They may dislike each other on sight, but Darcy and Elizabeth have to overcome their differences and find common ground before it is too late. Fortunately, it is not long before the sparks begin to fly between them.

Join the author of ‘Fortune and Felicity’ in this Pride and Prejudice Variation, an enchanting story of determination, love, and hope against all odds.

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Mr. Darcy’s Enchantment by Abigail Reynolds

In a Regency England where magic and faeries are real…

Fitzwilliam Darcy is a powerful magician who controls fire, water, and wind. What he cannot control is his growing feelings for Miss Elizabeth Bennet. But Darcy is also sworn to uphold the laws which forbid women to use magic, and Elizabeth knows it.

Elizabeth’s sentiments towards Darcy are quite different. She detests his arrogance, and she fears he will expose her use of forbidden magic. He is the last man in the world she would choose to help her on a difficult and dangerous task.

But when a magical war looms between the land of Faerie and their world, a Lord of Faerie demands that Darcy and Elizabeth serve together as his emissaries to make peace with the other mortals. That mission throws them into the middle of a chaotic power struggle between magicians whose power dwarfs their own, and everything Elizabeth has ever believed about her family, her friends, and her enemies will be called into question.

This magical variation of Jane Austen’s Pride & Prejudice makes the land of Faerie as real as Regency London and Rosings Park, as bestselling author Abigail Reynolds presents new challenges for Darcy and Elizabeth in her longest and most enchanting story to date.

Pemberley: Mr. Darcy’s Dragon by Maria Grace

England is overrun by dragons, but most people are blissfully unaware. Only the members of the Blue Order, blessed with preternatural hearing, are able to hear the dragons. Charge, by the Pendragon Treaty, with keeping the peace between human and dragon kind, the Blue Order sees to the dragons needs and keeps their secrets from society at large.

When the first major dragon egg laid in a century is stolen from Pemberley, the Pendragon Treaty and the entirety of Great Britain is threatened. If the egg hatches without human presence, the dragon will turn wild and grow to ravage the countryside.

Dragon Keeper Fitzwilliam Darcy and his companion dragon, Walker, must do whatever it takes to recovery the egg, including following the Derbyshire militia to the quaint market town of Meryton.  When the egg does not arrive with the militia, he is forced turn to local Dragon Keeper Bennet and his daughter Elizabeth for help.

Among Dragon Keepers, Elizabeth is exceptional. She shares a unique bond with dragons that few have ever had. That makes the Blue Order’s directive to assist Mr. Darcy particularly difficult to follow. Haughty, arrogant and rude, how can she trust him to care for something as precious as the first fire drake to hatch in three centuries?

But assist him she must. The fate of England hinges on their ability to work together to recover the stolen egg before it hatches.

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